Jaymor’s 191s Aerosol Can



Jaymor’s 191s Aerosol Can is the perfect household synthetic lubricant.

It has zero toxins and is easy to use! Use it in the kitchen, garage, on toys and in the yard!

Environmentally safe non-flammable “green” all purpose lubricant.

Known for its highly effective lubricating properties, ease of use, being remarkably clean and environmental friendly, Jaymors 191S has outstanding longevity and out performs almost any well known lubricant on the market today per laboratory testing results


1 Can = $9.99 Plus Shipping
1 Case (12 cans) $107.89 Plus Shipping
Call for Shipping Quotes. (559.439.2767)


Do you need a smaller or bigger size? Try Those Sizes!

Jaymor’s 191s

Refillable Pen Oiler

Jaymor’s 191s

1 Gallon Container

Jaymor’s 191S Drum

(shipping included)

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